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I extend a warm welcome to all my page visitors. My goal is to provide a safe space for you to explore and grow. Feel free to reach out to start your journey with me.



Counselling and coaching services are available to help you navigate through life's challenges and achieve your goals. I provide a safe and supportive environment for you to explore your thoughts and feelings.

My solution-focused approach addresses past, present, and future concerns. I offer affordable support without session limitations, catering to issues including anxiety, depression, addiction, chronic pain, menopause, and parental stress. I encourage you to reach out with any questions or follow my socials for relatable content.


Thank you for considering me.

Transform Your Life

Compassionate Support for Lasting Change

No matter the challenge, I am committed to actively listening and catalyzing significant positive transformations.

Read what my clients say​

"Working with Zoe has been a pleasure. she has motivated me to challenge my deep rooted fears and has helped me embrace my personality without hesitation. I have seen her empathise with me on situations I thought no one could understand. Her constant commitment and positive outlook to life has given me more confidence in moving forward.
She has used her own experience to learn and shape how she listens to others- with full empathy and understanding. I couldn't have asked fro a better coach." Google client review

"Zoe is a great counsellor and coach, super approachable and easy to talk to. I look forward to our time together and find her insights and guidance invaluable. I'd highly recommend anyone looking for counselling or coaching to check her out".  Google client review 

"Zoe is excellent. Down to earth , understanding and really approachable. She has helped me a lot and helped me cope and approach a difficult time with strength and confidence" Google client review

"I'm extremely pleased with the support Zoe has offered me. When I first started looking for counsellors, I was very open about finding the right fit, and she was it! She's very much a real person and actually makes you feel comfortable. Zoe has a holistic approach, which enables me to talk freely about anything that is bothering me".  Google client review

"Zoe is amazing and so easy to relate to, I’d highly recommend"  Better Help, Anonymous

"She is the most patient and kindest person. Always responds very quickly".  Better Help, Anonymous

"Zoe is fantastic, feel I can tell her anything and she's well aware of my situation having personal experience with ADHD which is probably one of the root causes of most of my needs. Learnt a lot of coping mechanisms and ways to analyse the world which have been invaluable in this time where I cannot get hold of medication and have to find my own way through work and life in general".  Better Help, Anonymous

"Zoe, thank you for the support, guidance and advice that I needed so much during a complicated phase in my life. Our sessions helped me to go through this quicker, and it also helped me to get an outsider perspective on the situation. I found the closure that I needed and I can now move on in peace. I highly recommend Zoe as she is a great listener, very understanding, and she's also very honest".  Better Help, Anonymous

"Zoe is kind, non judgemental and full of practical solutions to my problems. I feel completely at ease with Zoe".  Better Help, Anonymous

It has taken me time to seek help and do not have experience speaking to proffessionals as an adult. Zoe has been very understanding of me and my situation".   Better Help, Anonymous

"Zoe has been wonderful in connecting with me and listening to my concerns. She responds to my journal entries that are sent to her and I appreciate the ability to get to know her better outside of our sessions so that it can better this therapis/patient relationship that we have"   Better Help, Anonymous

"I feel as though I’ve known Zoe for years and I’ve not even known her for one month yet. Zoe really listens to me and has already started to change my life for the better, I’m so grateful for her."   Better Help, Anonymous


"I really enjoyed it, and as I was doing the eye movements it became harder to picture the memories.  And now the memories aren't as strong  like it doesn't feel like they have much hold anymore if that makes sense. When I think about them I don't really feel anything and overall I just feel calmer."   J Heath, Kent.

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